College Baseball Recruiting - Placement Service

If your goal is to play at the "NEXT LEVEL" beyond High School it is very important that you have a specific goals and a plan or blueprint to achieve those goals. First and foremost work hard to become a great players because College Coaches and Scouts are looking for players with above average skills or tools that can help their programs or organizations become more successful. If you are also a great student more doors or opportunities will be available to you at the next level because Private Schools and  College Baseball Programs with Higher Academic requirements will only recruit you if you are an exceptional student. 


If you are a player from the Western Slope of Colorado, Arizona or beyond and you

would like help and guidance with the recruiting process to maximize possible opportunities and save you time, money and resources please call or email to set up an initial meeting. Please download and complete the Recruiting Profile-Goal Sheet before the meeting. Our current College Contact Recruiting has over 100 schools at all levels of College Baseball. Thanks and continued success on and off the field.

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Recruiting Profile and Goal Sheet
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